Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Solution

To maintain the smooth business operation and to enhance the market competitiveness, constructing the quality enterprise system is essential.

Once the application is constructed, huge operation works might arise. Considering this, we can give support to expand the client's business, both in application development and in operation works.

Construct various types of enterprise software

We can also take on development of enterprise software which requires expert knowledge on the specific operations. Especially, we have lots of experiences in developing enterprise systems for global enterprises.

  1. Applications in which we have good experiences
  2. EC/collection/charging system
  3. ERP/CRM
  4. Contents management system
  5. Finance system (Fintech)
  6. Product data management

Application management service (AMS)

We can drop the cost of developing additional functions for the existing system, maintenance cost and operation cost. We strongly recommend to use offshore for development which certain resource is required, along with one onsite bridge engineer.

Especially these days, there are many cases that lots of resource is required for development and management for the huge API, so demands for offshore system are much more increasing.

Example of developments

Collaborative development with major internet collection agency
Development of recommendation AI using big data of past purchase    

Contracted development by the Major EC site operator
Large scale of refactoring for API