AI - Deep Learning

AI - Deep Learning

BJIT have also much experience in development of AI related Software. We develop software making next business with client's own data by Deep Learning / Machine Learning.

Even if what kind of system to develop or which data to use is not sure yet, it's possible to start from the small scale with Agile method. Pease contact us freely.

How about including BJIT as a member of data utilization project team?

We joined many AI introduction/utilization projects which were conducted by the new business team in listed companies. Since DeepLearning is cutting-edge technology, in order to carry out the project, it's still necessary to read huge volume of articles and theses in English.

Our engineers from Bangladesh where average score of TOEIC exam is No.1 in the world (score 895, in 2014) are good at learning new technology in English, and their profound knowledge in AI are often praised and pleased by clients for the superiority compared with other companies.

How about starting from prototype?

One of the most frequent requests to us is, "We'd like to expand our business by utilizing our own data. Can you help us?" After organizing a dedicated development team for the client, we'll work, searching the most appropriate purity and amount of data, algorithm and etc., through trial and error.

Examples of our developments

Collaborative development with major internet collection agency
Development of recommendation AI using big data of past purchase    

Collaborative development with listed digital signage related company
 Developed AI to optimize the ad display using the image data of pedestrians.  

Collaborative development with listed Software related company
  Developed internet filtering AI for children using access history