IoT & Embedded Engineering

IoT & Embedded Engineering

BJIT also have many achievements in IoT related system development.

We organize a dedicated team for the client's project, and team will take on prototype development, verification to operation phase. If client could prepare the sales planning team at their end, we can take on all operations in development side. We are also working on R&D of Software for on-vehicle device with Automotive Grade Linux (AGL).

Develop whole IoT product

We have being accumulated our technical skills through many of embedded system development projects since company's establishment. Now those valuable experiences enable us to undertake the whole development process which means development of IoT device itself and corresponding software required. In addition, we can take on development of forefront system like IoT device x AI or IoT device x automotive.

Prototype development in short delivery time with reasonable cost

When developing prototype of IoT device, reworking is required for many times on a daily basis. So selection of development partner will be of great importance. Nowadays, product life cycle is much shortened, which means it's necessary to develop many products in a short period including test marketing. Those needs can be perfectly fulfilled by Offshore development.

Example of our developments

Collaborative development with the listed healthcare related company
Health care app which is liked with blood pressure manometer    

Collaborative development with IoT related startup company
Monitoring app using Location information device x Smartphone app    

Development entrusted by the domestic giant client
Drone related software