Global Education

Global Education

BJIT has being focused on producing the competitive global IT engineers since establishment. In 2012, we established Training school for engineer, BJIT Academy, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We have brought up many IT resources through the international interactions along with one year of on job training. Also, in 2016, we kicked off a new project to solve Japanese engineer shortage with the cooperation of Miyazaki City.

BJIT Academy

BJIT Academy is the education business that BJIT's head office in Bangladesh started in 2012, and currently it's running as a subsidiary company, called BJIT Academy, Ltd.

By utilizing our experience of internal education to engineers and Bangladeshi's excellent English skill, we have provided the future global leaders with English and IT education. Studying is based on e-Learning, and it has been installed in many of Japanese enterprises.

Collaborative study on Japanese language education with Miyazaki University

It will be a very nice opportunity for the Japanese teachers and students who don't have confidence in their English skill, to interact with people in Bangladesh where the average score of TOEIC exam, 895 (in 2014) is the best in the world.

Also, studying Japanese language or job career in Japan have the significant meanings for Bangladesh resource. So, we are exchanging the teachers and students from both countries to interact each other, aiming to produce the global resources.